Orkney air defences open fire on raiders

Ness Battery: Single Heinkel 111 approaches from E, 800ft over Battery. Ness Battery's 5 Bren guns open fire. No hits.

Flotta - Stanger Battery's Brens open fire on low flying aircraft, which fire back. No casualties.

Map of Flotta defences

At least 2 waves of bombers turn away when faced with HAA barrage fire and fighters, but ~20 press on and ~15 250kg and 500kg bombs dropped, mostly on Flotta. Luftwaffe targeting the Hoxa and Switha booms again. Buchanan Battery hit - no casualties.

Diagram of Orkney raid 10.04.1940

Ness Battery: 2nd plane low over huts. Brens open fire. Plane 'disappeared over Black Craig, swerving violently'. Ness Battery makes tentative claim as a 'kill' - thought unlikely to have made it back to base.

Sketch of aircraft downed near Stromness 10.04.1940

HMS SUFFOLK hit during air raid on Scapa Flow - but not badly damaged. SUFFOLK took part in occupation of Faeroe Islands three days later and sank German tanker "Skagerrak" off Norway on 14th.

Twin 4-inch Mk XVI guns HMS SUFFOLK © IWM (A 4194)

During the raids two AA gunners killed in explosion at gun site in S Ronaldsay ('R3' manned 178 HAA Bty at Herston). Gnr Thomas COCKBURN & Gnr Alfred SAYERS, both aged 39, buried at St Peter's, South Ronaldsay. OSDef CO Brig. Kemp at funeral on 13 April 1940.

Diagram of Hoxa defences

Source: @Ness_Battery


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