605 Sqn. fly night interception patrol

Aircraft Type and No. Crew. Duty. Time Up. Time Down. Resumé of Operation or Sortie. Object Weather Height Opposition encountered and results achieved If on Patrol area to be attacked References
L.2058 P/O. Edge Night patrol 2045 2220 Patrol Night Interception Cloud 8[?]/10 - 10/10 at 6-8000 ft 12000 ft to sea level Fired at 3 aircraft 1-M-S
L.2118 P/O. Austin do 2045 2140 do do do do do do
L.2013 Sgt. Mainland do 2100 2200 do do do do do do
L.2352 P/O. Currant do 2100 2210 do do do do do do

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