Hitler meets Quisling at the Reichkanzeli

During discussions about the future of Norway, and in particular the chances of it breaking its neutrality by siding with Britain, Hitler states he has always been a friend of England but is bitter about the declaration of war over Poland. He now hopes to bring Britain to her knees through a blockade rather than full-scale ware. "Any sign of English intervention in Norway would be met with appropriate means."

After the meeting Jodel is instructed to start a low-key investigation into how Norway could be occupied "should it become necessary".

Heer issues Nordwest study paper on the invasion of Britain

The army issues its own study paper and solicited oppions from the Kreigsmarine and Luftwaffe.

It outlines an assault on the east coast between The Wash and The Thames by 100,000 troops transported and protected by the Kreigsmarine from ports in the Low Countries and suppored by airborne troops.

The Kreigsmarine could not envisage taking on the Royal Navy and said it would take a year to organise troop transports.

Goering respoded in a single page letter:

[A] combined operation having the objective of landing in England must be rejected. It could only be the final act of an already victorious war against Britain as otherwise the preconditions for success of a combined operation would not be met.

[Date TBC]