Hilter meets with SKL

Hitler meets with the Chief of the Seekriegsleitung (SKL) and Keitel at Zoppot. Raeder reports on the situation in the Baltic, North Sea and Atlantic.

Raeder asks Hitler what measures would be taken in case the war with England and France needed to be 'fought through'. He responds by saying that within a fortnight he will give a presentation ton the political situation to his Supreme Commanders in which he will announce the siege of England by the Kriegsmarine and the Luftwaffe.

Raeder notes:

If war continues, siege of England must be carried out immediately and with strongest measures. Foreign Ministry, Economics and Food Ministry to be informed beforehand about the consequences. All objections must be rejected. Even threat by America to enter war, which appears inevitable if war continues, must not lead to restrictions. The sooner the start and the more brutal, the quicker the effect and the shorter the war. All restrictions prolong the war. Chief OKW and Führer are in complete agreement.


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