Battle of Britain Diary

I grew up under the battlefield so consequently I've had a long interest in the Battle of Britain and personal connections are unavoidable - my Air Cadet HQ was the old classroom building at RAF Hawkinge, in the 1980s my father was Group Commandant of No.1 Group Royal Observer Corps that had formed part of the front line air defence, and during the war his father had run a market garden next to RAF Manston.

Recently when reading about the battle I've found myself increasingly cross referencing sources and decided to create a diary style notebook to keep track of things, consequently it's more a reflection of my interests than a serious historical endeavour.

Where to start?

As a collection of notes in chronological order there's no real narrative to follow when reading this. However, there are a few more detailed sections that provide a good place to start reading:

Battle of Britain Data Set

I have compiled a downloadable data set of Battle of Britain statistics.

The Command of the Air

Epub and HTML copies of Giulio Douhet's The Command of the Air.

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